Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Transforming a Traditional Learning Culture---Creating Learning Portals

Two important questions to consider in the transformation of the business learning culture are:

  1. Who will the Learning Principles Expert answer to in regards to their responsibilities?
  2. What company resources will be necessary in supporting the transformation?
In dealing with the first question we have to ask ourselves a question of clarification which is:

"What should the profile of the person who oversees the needed transformation look like?"

 As I mentioned in a previous post, the number of books, articles and other forms of communication dealing with leadership skills are almost as numerous as grains of sand at a beach. The question to consider is what qualities need to come into the spotlight when you are talking about changing a learning culture. How does this scenario impact what we should see in a profile of someone who oversees the Learning Principles Expert?  In general, the leadership competencies we should see when we are considering our goal of learning culture transformation might include the following:

  • tech literate
  • collaborative
  • visionary
  • confident and courageous
  • resilient
  • outward facing
  • systems thinker
  • energetic
Given the above, one quality that should be added is whether or not the individual has a high degree of "learning agility".

Credit: www.learninglive.be
Why is this an important for leaders?

Credit: www.ajoconnor.com
What would this look like in observable terms?

Credit: www.thecareercafe.co.uk
We have to keep in mind that such an individual acts more like a "human bridge"  between the Learning Principles Expert and his or her collaborative team and upper management to whom he or she has to be able to translate and defend the efforts being made, act as a mediator, and at times be a staunch advocate on behalf of the collaborative group tasked with modifying the learning culture.
What kind of resources would be needed to support the transformation of the learning culture? This is where it gets really interesting and cost efficient for business organizations because it takes advantage of the online world and blended learning potential in ways that promote "open innovation".
 More about this in the next post ..
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