Monday, July 3, 2017

The Desperate Need for Inspiration and Brilliance As Drivers in E-Learning

When we observe the rising changes in technology and the exponential rise in information and from it new knowledge, we have to ask the question:

"Are we making the best use of these waves of change or are we like mice in a maze going great distances through the lure of a quick meal but never really being able to synchronize these forces of change to achieve greater meaningful progress in e-Learning?"

However, the question, despite its length, does speak to a problem that exists in the way that we view e-Learning. In order to save time in whatever our daily pursuits are whether in the business or academic world, we are constantly in search of the quick fix that doesn't require of us to do much thinking beyond the bullet points.

In following this pattern, what are we sacrificing or missing as a result?

"Are we mastering the increasing forces of change in technology, pedagogy and individualized learning or are they mastering us?"

Where have those who use to inspire our imaginations to see things in a different light gone? Where are the Nikola Teslas, the Da Vinci's , the Michelangelos, of the 21st century? 


We have young people who need such people as a source of inspiration so that they too can be nurtured and mentored so that they in turn may be an inspiration to others. We need to recognize and celebrate the appearance of brilliance in young people and not shuttle them off to their own intellectual ghettos to be with their own kind as we presently do. 


The debilitating cycle of cynicism that seems to be the driver in many of our societies needs to be broken so that young people can become the architects of a future that has hope for the improvement of the quality of life for all people. E-Learning represents a vehicle that when orchestrated and driven by a vision that believes in hope for the future can have a tsunami effect both in education and in the business world that reaches out and connects young people globally so that what they are tasked with is no longer a local initiative but one on a global scale. Not to persevere in creating such an environment results in young people who will learn and use technology to subvert and use  to increase their own personal gain to the detriment of the good of all people.

"As a business organizations, what kind of new employee do you want to have, one who seeks to use their brilliance to further the cause and health of your organization or one who will use their digital skills to hack your systems and sell your prized innovations to the highest bidder on the web?"

For business directors, some sobering questions to ask your self are:

"How well do you know the intellectual and creative abilities of the employees you depend upon as an organization? Do you have in your midst pockets of brilliant people whose abilities you are not recognizing and as a result are not using to the potential that they are capable of ? Are these the people who are disconnected from your vision for your organization?"

For business organizations, e-Learning when done right can open up a whole new dimension of increased  ROI that you had not possible. The question is how badly do you want it? 

What is the state of your organization's learning culture with respect to the use of e-Learning? Still doing things the way you have always done them?

Or, have you discovered the great benefits of identifying brilliance, nurturing it among your employees and encouraging them to be an inspiration to all?

If you are a business organization, it is time to truly maximize your potential by identifying and nurturing a learning culture where brilliance and inspiration can lead to breath taking innovative ideas that will move you forward in the global economy. If you are in education, your take away from this is to get off the assembly line education model because in today's world one size does NOT fit all and then you will be able to truly appreciate brilliance and be inspired to accomplish great things with young people.

Global Collaboration

We do not need an army of non-thinking, non-creating, non-inspiring conformists. We need those whose brilliance we will nurture, encourage, and showcase through their innovations to the world, so that many of the real world problems that are plaguing our societies can finally be resolved so that quality of life of all people will be enriched.
Effective, well designed, innovative e-Learning is a means to reach globally and heal the wounds of our societies. Build it into our higher education systems and build it into the fabric of the learning cultures of our global business organizations. Our survival truly depends on it.