Friday, February 14, 2014

Teacher Effectiveness in Virtual Education: Part II

There have been some very interesting posts in the Google+ communities of late. One of them that peaked my interest was posted in the form of a question: "Would you rather have a high quality educator or a great teacher as an educator for yourself or your children?" The link to this discussion is below:

In discussing teacher effectiveness in brick and mortar school environment, there are qualities that can be transferred and interpreted within an online education framework.

The following might give you pause to consider your own practice as an online educator:

20 Signs You've Made a Difference as an Educator - InformED :

Certainly, the students we have represent a barometer as to our effectiveness as online educators. How well we function, using imagination, innovation and also empathy in this online environment will be readily noticeable by students. Think about the 20 signs mentioned in the article and ask yourself with careful introspection, are these signs reflected in my own online teaching?

More later....

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