Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Global E-learning: The State of E-Learning in Australia and New Zealand

I have had the pleasure and privilege of reading about the great things that instructors, instructional designers and corporate trainers are doing in the area of E-Learning in Australia and New Zealand. Their progressive thinking and innovative ideas are an inspiration to all who are committed to making E-Learning a viable path for life-long learning for all learners.

I also know that as nations they are highly competitive, usually against each other, but also have a great sense of humour. I still remember a number of years ago when a group from New Zealand tried to put Australia up for sale on E-Bay.

But this isn't about me telling you about their contributions to E-Learning. It is about a hope that I have that they will share their stories in the same pattern as the previous appeals.

The Appeal for Thoughtful Collaboration and Exchange of Ideas
The purpose of this appeal is to open conversations that will allow all of us to truly understand the "mosaic of global E-Learning". I would like to entertain these conversations in the professional forums on E-Learning in but you can also comment in the blog. I will transfer any comments into the appropriate forums. The conversations should elaborate on three main questions:
  1. What is the state of E-Learning in the education sector of your country?
  2. What are a few successes you can highlight that you have experienced in E-Learning in your country?
  3. What are a few serious challenges that you see now and in the future for E-Learning in your country?
Who Should We Hear From?

 Naturally, we would like to hear from all those who are involved in E-Learning in some way. Government officials, higher education, instructional designers, educators, corporate trainers and even students taking E-Learning.
Framing Your Responses

In order that conversations not be cumbersome, I would suggest the following:
  1. Identify the country you are from
  2. Identify your professional role
  3. A brief response to the questions
If you are reading this and know of an Australian or New Zealand colleague who might be interested in contributing to this discussion, then please share this via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media means. Conversations only work if there is more than one person involved.

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