Saturday, January 21, 2017

Important Changes and Opportunities!

People who read articles here on this e-Learning blog are probably wondering if I passed away or I ran out of things to say about the new frontier of 21st century of e-Learning. Neither is the case!

I have been offered the opportunity by Christopher Pappas to be a contributing author to his e-Learning Industry organization which I have accepted. This means that the next range of articles on e-Learning will appear in e-Learning Industry group. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, I strongly urge you to consider joining simply because it is the number one source of all aspects dealing with e-Learning and contains very useful resources to getting e-Learning right for your organization whether it is business or higher education.

What Happens to the Blog?

The blog will remain active. It still holds over 200 articles dealing with e-Learning. Also, after a new article has run its course on e-Learning Industry, it will appear in this blog. I urge you to check out the wonderful organization, e-Learning Industry if you have not already done so!

Don't think outside the box! Instead push the boundaries of the box until it no longer exists!

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