Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Honourable Request

Many of the ideas that I have been exploring in this blog on the evolution of e-Learning and the rising technologies are starting to come into fruition as a result of technological advancement. As a result, I have a request that if you make reference to ideas that have been mentioned here, that you also share the link to this blog which is:

Of Hope and Inspiration!

One of my goals was to stimulate the imaginations of what could be through effective e-Learning and inspire young people to have an active voice in how the future of e-Learning will take shape and how they can be the architects as agents of change of a brighter future that would enrich the quality of life of all people. Unfortunately, too many young people are entangled in the despair of what they see around them and have bought into the cynical mindset that is prevalent in many societies. We see this being played out in countries where living each day is one more day under siege both physically and morally.

If innovation and collaboration are to be nurtured as benefits to our societies, we need to inspire young people to work together for something that is far greater than themselves. This can be accomplished through the effective development of e-Learning in such a way that young people believe that they can make a meaningful difference to their societies as agents of change.

What is required is to mentor them to start to build bridges collaboratively and on a global scale. This process, like any process that is worthwhile pursuing, is not without risks. To take this journey, we need young people who are a "thinking generation" which means a generation who welcomes the challenge of debating ideas that will bring about a transformation that will improve the quality of life for all people instead of a generation addicted to "group think". 

So, my appeal to you is to check out previous posts in this blog in terms of challenging ideas and invite young people to see them and most importantly, use their own imaginations to push the boundaries of all areas of learning to the benefit of all. The future they create is one that we will all have to live in.

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