Friday, August 11, 2017

Update: Important Article

Greetings to all those who follow this blog.

I wanted to update you on an important article that I am having published in two parts in LinkedIn in the e-Learning Industry forum starting tomorrow (Aug. 12). It is an important article because it connects global e-Learning to the prospect of nation building in conflict zones. The title of this article is:

"Global E-Learning: Rising to the Challenge of Nation Building-Part I"

Part II of this article will be published in this same forum on Aug. 16.

What makes this article so important

It is important because it ties all the advances that we have made both pedagogically and technologically to a very real world problem that needs to be addressed now because the future of nations are at stake.

When you read it, you might say: "How can we possibly accomplish what is proposed?" A better question that should be considered: "What will happen if we don't and can we live with the consequences?"

For people to think about this, they first need to be aware and so I am asking, if it is within your power, make this two part article go viral on the web. It seems that we are able to make many trivial things become a thousand hit wonder on the web, so, now I hope that you will consider this article as something of substance dealing with something that is greater than ourselves.

For myself, I am not looking for recognition. I am satisfied that I rest knowing that I stood up for something that was important to me with passion.


After this article, I will be devoting some postings in this blog to creating realistic learning cultures within business organizations using e-Learning.

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