Wednesday, June 3, 2015

E-Learning Evolution: The Global Higher Education and Teacher Mentoring Network--Part II

As we continue down this path, one should not underestimate the very positive impact these collaborative networks will have on the business culture. Big data that is shared within the Global Learning Portal opens doors of opportunity in the digital economy that can have a multiplier effect of the ROI of businesses aligned under a common vision. It is no secret that knowledge is the new currency of the 21st century but the trick is harnessing it at just the right time with an eye on the future and not looking back.

Referring back to the previous Global Learning Portal diagram, one should notice that there is a collaborative connection between the Cross Disciplinary Research and Mentor Network and the Global Higher Education and Teacher Mentoring Network. The obvious question that needs to be asked is:

"Why is a collaborative connection between these two networks necessary and what is the function?"

Cross disciplinary research is vital to the training or mentoring of new educators. If you accept the idea that cross disciplinary learning is an essential mindset to solving real world problems then it is necessary that research in this area give direction to "educating the educator". Under the present compartmentalization mindset that exists now in many educational institutions, the approach to real world problem solving brings us back to the blind men trying to describe an elephant.

Real world problems in the 21st century are more complex than in the past and ironically one of the reasons that they are more complex is because we are so connected to the world. Consider the real and present danger of terrorism and how social media and the Internet has made the impact of this threat even greater. Terrorists have their own websites to use to recruit others to their cause.

Coming back to the collaborative connection, in return the data collected from the experience of mentoring educators and in turn the educators practical experience in modelling this mindset to learners in the online E-Learning portal, we are helped in two ways:
  1. From the data, new directions in research can be explored and pursued in regards to cross disciplinary learning keeping in mind that the new paradigm for research means that it needs to be ongoing, agile and adaptive, and
  2. From the data, we can discern areas of conflict and thus refine our pedagogical approaches.

The mentoring of new educators and those who are transitioning from the industrial model mindset to the cross disciplinary mindset needs to be an ongoing collaborative relationship. The goal is to develop educators who will model and practice transformative teaching. The purposes of this transformative teaching are:

  1. Educate learners to be creators of new knowledge and skillsets
  2. Educate learners to adopt innovative problem solving in seeking real solutions to complex real world problems. Instrumental to this is to promote an attitude for prolific and divergent thinking, and
  3. Educate learners to collaborate effectively in an online environment. Learners need to know how to access a variety of knowledge repositories online, evaluate their usefulness to the tasked problem and then apply the skillsets that each require. Learners need to be a little eclectic in using technology that meets the purpose and they need to know and capitalize on the talents of their co-collaborators.

It should also be noted that big data from both of these networks feed back into the Global E-Learning Hub which then coordinates the data so that it is beneficial to advise and direct the learning culture of the business organizations. This is accomplished through the Global Corporate Trainers, ID and LPE Network whose primary function is to help businesses within the family of nations involved in the portal, to grow and innovate. As was pointed out at the beginning of this post, business in the digital economy stands to have many doors of opportunity opened if it has a vision that embraces a culture of true innovation.

Are you ready for the journey?

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