Friday, January 9, 2015

E-Learning Assessment- The Search for the Emerald Key--Part V--The Walk Through--Preparing

 The Walk Through--Making It to the Other Side!

Upon entering through the portal, the portal closes behind them and they notice that this side of the portal has some sort of symbols on the frame. Could these symbols be important for the journey?

They turn around and they see that their teacher has been transformed into an avatar and that they too now appear in a generated avatar form.

 Next to their teacher is some form of walk in tent. As they look around they see an unusual world before them with mountains on the far horizon and mountains with an active volcano to the east.

This world can be effectively created through the use of Unity3D software. This type of software also has the ability to link up with Oculus Rift virtual reality technology as a future potential option. Another potential software for creating virtual worlds might be Open Sim or Unreal Technology.

The students are then interrupted by their teacher's attempt to get their attention. The teacher then begins to give them their instructions. They are as follows:


"Welcome to your assessment event. As you were told before entering the portal, how well you all do in this assessment event will depend upon how well you collaborate with each other in solving the tasks and challenges that you will face on your journey. As you travel you will be required to collect artifacts that you find along the way. The artifacts that glow green are important clues that when all collected will help you find the emerald key.The other type of artifacts that you will find scattered throughout the journey will help you overcome challenges that you will need to solve before you can continue forward. 
Before you can get started, you need to be equipped for the journey. If you will come with me into the tent I will point out your gear and explain to you what it does.

First, you will each be given wearable technology that will serve many functions on your journey. You have a choice between two different types. Both types have the same functions so that the choice you will make will depend upon what you are comfortable with.

Choice #1: The Slip On Sensor Glove


Choice #2: The Wrist Data System


The capabilities of the wearable tech are as follows:
  1. You will have full unlimited access to the Internet and special disciplines forums for the whole time you are on the journey providing nothing unexpected happens.
  2. You have full texting capabilities to communicate with your partners.
  3. You have GPS tracking that will display a grid showing where your partners are at all time.
  4. You have a camera function that will allow you to take pictures and share them with your partners in real time.
  5. You have an emergency sensor that monitors your vital signs and also can be linked up with your partners to show their vital signs.
It is important to note that if you remove your wearable tech, the functions will cease to operate as long as it is not on your person.

Other items that you are taking with you are these backpacks which you will use to gather artifacts and store where necessary, a rock hammer and last but not least, you will be given a Swiss army knife to help you in unusual circumstances.



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