Thursday, January 8, 2015

E-Learning Assessment-The Search for the Emerald Key---Part II--The Assessment Event Portal

In the previous post I suggested to you that assessment need not be a fearful event for the learner but could actually be an exciting, engaging and truly a revealing journey for the learner.
In this post I will describe to you a potential assessment event that might fit the above description. As I mentioned before, this event is keyed to E-Learning and the skill sets germane to that environment.

The Portal to the Assessment Event


To begin this assessment event, qualified students are directed via a link to what may be described as "the assessment waiting room". It is at this point that students are made aware of other qualifying students arriving at the waiting room. Students are divided into teams of three. In the corner of their screens next to the portal they see a digital clock which counts down until to the time that they may enter the portal into the assessment event. They have 15 minutes before the portal is made active and a team may enter through it.



 While in the waiting room, they are given a pre-assessment task. The directions are as follows:

Directions: "Welcome to your assessment event! You have entered the pre-assessment waiting room. You will notice that two other students have entered with you. Your task, using the messaging tool made available on your screen is to interview each other since your success in this assessment event will be determined by how well you know the aptitudes and talents of the people you will be collaborating with. You need to find out the following:

1. Who are your partners and where are they from?
2. What areas of study are they good at? For example, some may be very good at mathematical reasoning, some may be very good at geographical and spatial reasoning, some may be good at linguistics...etc. One person may have stronger leadership skills than the other.

 You have 15 minutes to find out as much as you can about the other person. All conversations are being over heard and recorded by the team of assessors who will provide you with feedback in your final assessment at the end of the assessment event. The clock counts down starting now!"

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