Thursday, March 19, 2015

E-Learning: A Blueprint to the Future: Instructional Designers, Trainers and Business Innovation-Part II

The goal of today's business should be to establish and nurture a learning culture and culture of innovation within their businesses. The big question is how??


In Part I of this post I suggested that the addition of a LPE or Learning Principles Expert to the training team is a start. The responsibility of this person would be to use his or her understanding of how people learn within a collaborative settings within a blended learning setup within the company and also in an online collaborative network which would extend outside the company's walls to create learning experiences that would lead to deeper sustained learning that if done well, would impact performance of employees in a measurably positive fashion. This would be done in collaboration with the the Instructional Designer.

So, speaking in regards to what this would look like within the company itself, it is helpful to look at the characteristics that would define highly effective collaborative organizations. Jacob Morgan of the Chess Media Group published an article in Forbes Magazine(2013) titled: "The 12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Organizations". The link is below:

Although his description is dated, it does give you some clues as to what to consider when setting up a collaborative network within company walls.

However, no business is an island in the digital age and business is first and foremost mortal. In order to flourish in a digital global economy, business needs to establish connections to what I term as "mentor networks" that provide valid and up to date expertise in the form of ongoing collaboration on projects that not only allow a company to excel in its chosen area but also to be a leader in innovation in areas that it excels at.The development of the skill of strategic intelligence gathering and adaptability are survival skills in this economy. Vibrant vision and astute leadership are the hallmarks of a company that strives to be a member of a global culture of innovation.

Next....Connecting  Business Culture with Culture of Learning--The Mentor Network Described.

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